Who We Are

Beacon Health Foundation works with generous members of our community to provide support to Beacon Health System as it grows and works to evolve with healthcare trends and provide the highest quality of care to all. 

Your support of Beacon can help save the life of a critically ill newborn baby. It can make the road to recovery smoother for a teenager involved in a car accident. It can give hope to a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer. It can enhance quality of life for a senior living with diabetes. And it can even inspire a heroic cancer survivor as he reaches new heights to win Paralympic gold.

Every gift — in any amount — matters.

To learn more about how you can impact the lives of the patients and families in your community, please visit our Ways to Help section. 

For general questions please call: 574.647.6613 or email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org

Beacon Health Foundation
Board of Directors

  • Diane Krill, Chair
  • Jacqueline Barton
  • Scott Brewer
  • Brad Beutter
  • Arthur J. Decio
  • Joe Hart
  • Kurt Janowsky
  • Paul Phair
  • James Sawdon
  • Todd Schurz
  • Tom Shoff
  • Carl Tiedemann

Beacon Health Foundation Staff

Jessica Benko – Senior Major Gift Officer
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-647-3334

Mary Beth Deitch – Donor Relations Representative
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-647-3316

Ryann DeMoss – Senior Major Gift Officer
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-647-2939

Susan King – Beacon Health Foundation President
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-647-4971

Shannon Oakes – Gift Officer
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-312-9049 – Mobile
Phone: 574-524-7458 – EGH

Ashley Teeters – Gift Officer
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-647-2682

Constance Williams – Executive Assistant
Email: give@beaconhealthsystem.org
Phone: 574-647-6613