One Little Girl's Story

Jessica Brigham may only be nine-years-old, but she is already making a big difference! Four years ago, Jessica’s little brother was born at Beacon Children’s Hospital six weeks early, in a race against time to saving her mom’s life.  Sandy, Jessica’s mom, was diagnosed with melanoma while pregnant. A premature delivery ensured Sandy could start treatment as soon as possible. For a second year, Jessica has raised money from her lemonade stand to help the kids and families in our NICU. We are happy to share little brother Walker, and mom, are doing just fine. Jessica, you are our hero! 

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Corporate partner spotlight

Spirit Halloween Stores have been making a huge impact across the U.S. to support kids and we are honored to be one of their chosen partners.  “We feel a deep sense of pride and privilege in Spirit of Children efforts which empowers the function of Child Life Services; providing critical funding which enables Child Life Specialists to continue helping young patients. Since 2007, they have nationally raised and given back more than $100mm!