Meet Micky!

Micky is a facility dog and the cutest associate at Beacon! Micky works full-time helping our clinicians provide the best health care journey for patients of all ages! With Micky’s help, our patients genuinely feel better, heal quicker and are often able to return home sooner. 

We take your health care seriously! This means we must, at times, provide “non-billable” services for our patients. Services insurance will not cover. Services we are able to provide because of generous donors, like you! Why? Because it’s the right thing to do! 

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Corporate partner spotlight

We are so very excited about our newest partnership with Roseland Animal Hospital! Beacon has a very special team member and his name is Micky. Micky is a certified facility dog who works with many of our patients during their healing journey. 

Micky’s services are unfortunately “non-billable”. This means he is 100% funded through donor support. Roseland Animal Hospital understands how important animals can be to healing humans, which is why they have stepped up to cover Micky’s Annual Wellness checks, treatments, vaccines, heart-worm testing and bi-weekly nail trimmings! 

Thank you Roseland Animal Hospital!