Your Generosity Changes Lives

When you give to Beacon Health Foundation, you enhance the amazing healthcare provided by the physicians, nurses and caregivers at Beacon. Charitable gifts provide comfort. Relieve pain. Ease fear. Bring peace. Inspire hope. The generosity of our community enables us to go beyond what you might expect and offer new and different programs to those we serve.

Every dollar you give grows exponentially.

It touches not only the people and projects you directly support, but also every nurse, physician, patient, family member and our entire community – including YOU.

Inspiring Stories

We believe small acts have big impacts. It’s your support that gives us the momentum to reach even more lives – providing superb, compassionate care where and when it’s needed most. 

We are honored to share the remarkable stories of our patients and donors whose generosity and hope inspire our work and encourage others to give.

Our Priorities

Make a Difference

As a non-profit health system, we rely on the generous contributions from our community to further our mission and remain on the forefront of education, technology and patient care. Beacon is, and will always be, committed to providing high quality care to the entire community. The simple reality is that healthcare dollars only stretch so far. To rise to the level of transformational medicine and transformational care, we need your support. Through philanthropy, we are free to innovate—to help provide care that speeds healing and returns a trauma patient to their life.

About Beacon Children’s Hospital

Babies belong with their families, especially when they are ill. Traditionally, newborns were treated separately from recovering mothers. At Beacon, we believe differently. The Beacon Children’s Hospital NICU was the first level III facility designed to take care of both mothers and newborns in the same room. We are committed to strengthening families while improving care.

Share Your Story. Because it Matters.

Maybe you were the patient. Maybe it was a loved one or friend. Maybe it was a quick interaction or short hospital stay. Maybe it seemed like it’d never end. Maybe it had a happy ending. Maybe it didn’t.

Probably there were unknowns. No question it was scary.

Hopefully there were people who came alongside you. To give hope, encourage healing and provide strength when it was most needed.

By sharing your story, you can be that light for others.