Support Nursing Education

Building a strong future for nursing

Supporting nurses has long been part of our story. But it’s even more important during a nursing shortage. Elkhart General Hospital expects to need at least 300 new nurses in the next five years. Nursing scholarships are a great tool to enable hospitals to “grow” more nurses from within their own ranks.

And thanks to amazing support from the community, in 2022 Elkhart General Hospital fully funded their Nursing Education Endowment! The endowment provides scholarships that help make it possible for more Beacon Health employees to become nurses.

Healthcare careers are often demanding, and pursuing education at the same time, especially while supporting a family, is incredibly challenging. These scholarships really make a difference!

“Donors that support scholarships at Beacon are true angels. You never know the difference you are making in someone’s life.”

–        Christina Hernandez

“Without this scholarship, it would be difficult for me to continue my education further without experiencing financial hardships. Thank you for providing the hard working, compassionate healthcare workers of Beacon with opportunities to receive scholarships, and for making achieving our dreams of serving our community a reality.”     

–        Jessica Blank

“You have no idea how much this means to me and my family. We are able to move forward, and I can support myself as well as my family in our endeavors.”  

–        Shelley Ebersol

“Although I will still be working full time and going to school full time, I won’t have to pick up extra shifts to ensure my family’s financial needs are met – without this scholarship, I would have had to work an additional 12 hours per week … I’m so privileged that Beacon Health System has such incredible opportunities such as these. “ 

–         Jamie Henderson