Physician Philanthropy Council

Every day, physicians make a difference for their patients. They advocate, save lives, provide treatment and offer hope. And many have a desire to do even more. 

In 2019, Beacon Health Foundation created the Physician Philanthropy Council (PPC). Members of this physician-only giving group support initiatives impacting at-risk and vulnerable patients, associates and local communities in meaningful and measurable ways.

Since its inception, PPC members have collectively committed more than $400,000 and supported 30+ initiatives. Below are just a few examples of what they’ve supported to date:

  • BABE Store: This unique store is part of a comprehensive incentive program. It gives parents and parents-to-be the ability to earn and redeem coupons for child-related items such as car seats, diapers, wipes, formula, toys, furniture, clothes and more. 
  • Car Seat Safety Program
  • Dedicated Active Dads Program: A free, weekly group where all fathers are welcome to discuss fatherhood in a safe space. Classes include free resources, food and giveaways. 
  • SHINE (Supporting Health in Negative Events) Program: A multi-disciplinary forum where associates can discuss social and emotional issues that arise following traumatic cases, when caring for patients and working in the healthcare setting. 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Family Support Groups 
  • Lodging for trauma patient families 
  • Early literacy program at E. Blair Warner Family Practice
  • In-Home Attendant Care Pilot Program
  • 3rd Year Resident’s Capstone Project
  • Transportation Vouchers for Underserved Patients
  • Nursing Certifications
  • Community Health Worker Training and Certifications

We’re grateful for the generous support extended by both current and past members of our Physician Philanthropy Council:

Elkhart General Hospital

  • Dr. Michelle Bache
  • Dr. Charles Bower
  • Dr. Abhishek Das
  • Dr. Lauren Das
  • Dr. Lisa Felsman
  • Dr. Andrea Gentile
  • Dr. Walt Halloran
  • Dr. Al H. Harding
  • Dr. Michelle Howe
  • Dr. Jeffery Howe
  • Dr. Erin Kevern
  • Dr. Justin Koenig
  • Dr. Andy Lapadat
  • Dr. Rosalie McBride
  • Dr. Vijay Mehta
  • Dr. Samir Patel
  • Dr. Amjad Syed
  • Dr. Douglas Tacket
  • Elkhart General Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee

Memorial Hospital

  • Dr. Matthew DuPre
  • Dr. Mike Dye
  • Dr. Daniel Fulkerson
  • Dr. Katherine Goze
  • Dr. David Hornback
  • Dr. Brian Huber
  • Dr. Tina Jennings
  • Dr. Nick Kerr
  • Dr. Matt Koscielski
  • Dr. Jason Marker
  • Dr. Sam D. McGrath
  • Dr. Dale Patterson
  • Dr. Nonyem Onujiogu
  • Dr. Patricia Osmolak
  • Dr. Joel Post
  • Dr. Rachel Schuster
  • Dr. Kashif Shaikh
  • Dr. Betsy Sutherland
  • Dr. Kevin Taubman
  • Dr. Alex Tawadros
  • Dr. Michelle Thompson
  • Dr. Daniel Weber
  • Dr. Bob D. White
  • Dr. Luke A. White
  • Dr. John Whitney

To learn more about the growing impact of the PPC, and how you can become a member, please contact Jessica Benko at or 574-647-3334