Tiffany Leads Celebration Walk after Being Struck by Drunk Driver

Early one morning, Tiffany laced up her running shoes and headed out the door for a quick run.

She was enjoying an ordinary run on an ordinary day. But the next thing she knew, Tiffany was flying into a brick wall.

A drunk driver had been speeding and lost control of his car. His car jumped the curb onto the sidewalk and struck Tiffany. “I took Jesus on the run with me that morning. It’s a blessing that I’m here telling you my story.”

Tiffany’s injuries were severe. The 30-year-old had four fractured vertebrae, a shattered pelvis, a broken left leg, two fractured ribs, collapsed lungs, a burst bladder and other extensive injuries.

A real fighter

Her trauma surgeons knew she was a fighter who loved life when she came through an 11-hour surgery to stabilize her shattered body.

Tiffany’s care team worked together seamlessly as she moved from the intensive care unit through multiple surgeries, then into rehabilitation and physical, speech and occupational therapy. They all wanted to give Tiffany the best chance for a full recovery.

Two months after the accident, Tiffany was surrounded by her family and friends as she led a celebration walk from her wheelchair. Imagine her surprise when she looked up to see her doctor, his wife and children, and even his parents there to support her and wish her well.

Celebrating her continued healing

A year later, after additional extensive surgeries and many months of rehabilitation, Tiffany was able to lead the second annual celebration walk on her feet!

“I can walk today because the doctors at Beacon were ready to take care of me immediately.” Tiffany said. “They gave me the care and place I needed to rest and recover.”