Survival Story: Mike


In an instant, Mike Molnar want from a fun a day out on the water to struggling for his survival.

He was out on a boat that day, enjoying the sunshine and simply being outdoors. And then he was suddenly in the water, victim of a boating accident that severely injured his torso and mangled one of his legs.

Family, friends and strangers worked together to help Mike. Air transport brought him to Memorial Hospital’s trauma unit, where our trauma team was ready to immediately assess his injuries and prepare him for surgery.

A close call

Mike is alive today because he had access to immediate, specialized trauma care.

He lost 19 pints of blood during his ordeal. He endured six surgeries over the next 10 days. Countless nurses and clinical assistants cared for him and his family.

As his injuries healed, physicians and occupational therapists worked with Mike to help him reach his goals to walk without assistance, drive his kids to school and give back to the community.

From surviving to thriving

Looking back, Mike feels he has done so much more than simply survive.

“The doctors, nurses, therapists – everybody – believed in me,” he said. “Without the level of care we have right here in our community, I would not be who I am today.”