Flaherty Food Fights

The University of Notre Dame’s Flaherty Hall held a new signature event last month, “Flaherty Food Fights.” The event, a cooking tournament, concluded with a competition between a team from North Dining Hall (NDH) and another from South Dining Hall (SDH), all in support of Beacon Children’s Hospital. 

“It’s like the show ‘Chopped’ on Food Network,” Theresa Rogers, sophomore signature event commissioner, said. “Every dorm got one team, and then competed in a tournament-style cooking competition in the dining halls. So, as in ‘Chopped,’ you get a mystery ingredient, and you have to incorporate it into a cohesive dish.” 

A panel of judges tasted the dishes and ranked them on creativity, presentation and taste. 

The winning team got Insomnia Cookies at their dorm’s next hall council and a trophy placed in the dining hall. 

“It’s super new, so this year we’re really focusing on getting participation up,” Rogers said. “That way, in subsequent years, we can raise more and more money for Beacon because they’re a really good charity that we enjoy working with.” 

Flaherty Food Fights raised $1,800 to support Beacon Children’s Hospital. We are so grateful to the students and the university for their dedication to helping kids in our community!